Tel Aviv University hosts the sixth media conference and the second youth film festival


In an educational atmosphere and with a good initiative from Rasha Foda Omari, the Qatari guide for the topic of media in Arab schools and Shadi Athamneh, the administrator of the private marketing department for the Arab community at Tel Aviv University and accompanied by Dr. Khalil Renawi, a lecturer for the topic of media at Tel Aviv University, Last Thursday, February 21, 19, the Sixth Arab Media Conference and the Second Youth Film Festival were held at Tel Aviv University, with the great participation of Arab students and schools studying the topic of media and cinema in the country.

This conference was a continuation of the unparalleled success achieved by its predecessors in enhancing the position and importance of teaching the subject in Arab schools for pupils.

Many educational, media and social personalities participated in the conference, among them the guide for media in Arab schools, Rasha Fouda Omari, Dr. Khalil Rinawi is a lecturer in media at Tel Aviv University, Dorit Palin, inspector of media and cinema, Shadi Athamneh, administrator for Marketing for Arab Society at Tel Aviv University, and others. Then a welcome speech was given by dr. Youssef Mashharawi, Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Integration of Arab Students at Tel Aviv University.

The conference was carried out by the educator Mai Igbaria and the academic Rima Kanaana, a student at Tel Aviv University, that worked together to present the various speeches and paragraphs amid a distinguished performance that won the admiration of the audience.

The conference included some words, during which the speakers addressed the importance of enhancing the position of students' students in the field of media in schools, and, in turn, they emphasized the importance of this subject, which would enhance the position of students and cultivate the positive personality, and develop creativity and giving to them in the service of the Arab society and to move it forward.

In the course of the conference, targeted workshops were presented by journalist Professor Wael Awad, investigative journalist, Maya Aghbarieh on the art of discourse and debate, Marah Khalifa a specialized in cinematic make-up, Rula Naseer, photography as an artistic expression, Rasha Aghbaria, a young documentary director, Heyam Diab, the Al-Maqhourin Theatre, Mustafa Qadah, digital cinematography, Fatima Khamisi between traditional and modern journalism.

The conference also witnessed a paragraph showing the films participating in the competition and announcing the identity of the winning films in the first three places. "Tsktish" from Al-Nahda Private School, Atid, as a branch, got the first place, as for the second place, it was obtained by the movie "Maria", for the second school of Ilout. In the third place was the film "22.12.2009" of the Latin Patriarchate School of Jaffa.

The closing ceremony was honouring the participating schools and introducing a stand-up comic paragraph, presented by artist Adi Khalifa.

In a comment from the Marketing administrator for the Arab Society at Tel Aviv University, Professor Shadi Athamneh: "Tel Aviv university in general is keen to reveal the fields of education in film and television specialties as well as the topic of information in front of Arab students because of their job opportunities and prosperous future success, especially the large space these subjects take today and the acceleration of their development in the near future. This event, which is held, is one of several activities the university offers to reveal awareness among Arab high school pupils in our society.

Rasha Fouda Omari, media guide for Arab secondary schools, spoke, saying: “I want to thank the educational staff participating and the students for their good participation and attendance at the conference and its coming into effect alongside the generous attendance and participants in the different speeches.”

Rasha Fouda Omari added: "We can also say that this success came as a result of the presence of a distinguished team, as the media staff proved once again their great role in educational leadership, as well as we can say that we have many promising student materials. The subject of media in Arab schools is proceeding with steady steps forward, This has proven its efficacy and importance in the education sector. This topic, which came to reinforce critical and incomprehensible consumption implicitly for the media and their implications for our children, and came to put them also in the foreground as messengers for the masses through the representation and coverage of all agendas that live in our society. "

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