Impressive success again on the open day at Tel Aviv University

On Friday, 01.02.19, the University of Tel Aviv received more than 130 organized buses
carrying more than 6,500 Arab students from all over the country to participate in the open
day that was organized and prepared for by the university administration.
The facilities included services and a special reception program for Arab school guests, with
the aim of increasing the efficacy of this day for those interested and applying for
registration to the university.
In preparation for the open day, more than 60 students and students from the university
were rehabilitated and prepared to receive the visitors and give them a special welcome in
addition to detailed guidance for the various programs and lectures on this day, in addition
to allocating university students as guides at the entrance to each university building to give
a full explanation of each department in the Arabic language. Brochures were distributed in
the Arabic language that include a summary of services and projects for Arab students at Tel
Aviv University, and allocating a special meeting for Arab students in several colleges at the
university and receiving them by Arab lecturers and delegates from the Office of the Dean of
Students, and passing special workshops in the Arabic language to examine educational
tendencies by specialists from each field.
Dr. Youssef Mashharawi commented, “The head of the Arab Orientation Committee at the
university: “The University of Tel Aviv witnessed a busy day on the last open day, marked by
the long-term feeling that all Arab students present enjoyed through the appropriate
services that were allocated to them, also, those who accompanied these students,
including teachers and counsellors, who attended the open day in previous years, felt a
clear difference in the facilities for receiving Arab students and providing them with a
comfortable and comfortable reception environment.
In another comment that came from Mr.Shadi Athamneh, the University's Marketing
administrator, said: "The reactions we received from all those present were beyond
expectations, whether students or escorts. The open day was like a busy and dynamic
academic wedding, We witnessed an increase in expectations, thanks to the university
students, who mostly volunteered to serve and guide the guests, so we extend a special
thanks to them, who for their part felt their social duty to serve the people of our
community at this stage.
It is reported that the University of Tel Aviv has allocated a special budget to provide
appropriate services to Arab students at the university and give them support.

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