Tel Aviv University hosts the largest robotics competition in the country

The largest gathering of robotics competition in the country for the Arab
community was launched on Monday at Tel Aviv University, specifically
in the huge Smolarch Hall dedicated to such events, In cooperation and
management of the Al-Bayruni Institute of Science and Languages, which
worked throughout the year to rehabilitate a huge group of pupils from
the third grade to high school grades.
Nearly 400 participants from many of Arab schools have been hosted in
different towns, who have faced their challenges over the whole day to
reach the last qualifiers to choose 40 winners from different generations
who will continue their challenges and travel to South Korea in the
summer to participate in the global competition that will be held there.
At the beginning of this day, it was inaugurated by Dr. Yusef Mashharawi
(Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Integration of the Arab in the
University), who in turn welcomed the attendees, the families, and the guests,
headed by the director of the Al-Bayruni Institute, Professor Wissam Yassin,
and the President of the University, Professor Yaron Oz and a group of senior
lecturers from the university, and Mr. Harry from South Korea and Mr. Yusuf
from Turkey, are representatives of the IYRC World Robotics Competition.
It was a speech by the President of the University, in which he stressed the
promising future of these topics and encouraged the participants to continue
in this important field. In a speech by Professor Wissam Yassin, director of the
Al-Bayruni Institute, who said: “Al Biruni Institute for Science and Languages
​​was established about 4 years ago with the aim of raising the level of
education in the Arab community by focusing on learning in various new and
creative ways, and using games and technology through learning. The
pioneering institute project is the small thinker project, which seeks to
integrate fun in the learning process. Our title was and still is: "The small
thinker ... the pleasure of learning!”.
At the end of the inauguration, several figures from the university and from
the Al-Bayruni Institute were honoured who worked to establish and make this
huge project successful. Then the qualifications for the contest started after

the participants were divided according to their generations and their different
tasks until the last finals of this day.
Commenting on Mr. Shadi Athamneh, head of marketing for the Arab
community at the university: "This competition we consider as a huge festival
for the largest scientific gathering for the field of robotics, which occupies
great interest in the Arab community, especially the global interest.
Our goal, through setting up this festival at Tel Aviv University, is to connect
the Arab student with the most important way and path to achieving scientific
excellence in addition to the creativity and excellence that they gain through
their participation in robotic studies at the Al-Bayruni Institute, , The University
of Tel Aviv is the leader in this field, especially after its achievement of
innovations and innovations at the global level over many years”.

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