Launching of "Sawa" project to support new students at Tel Aviv University.

Last week, the "a step before all" preparatory program, that it is connected to
Sawa project was launched at Tel Aviv University, this program, which provides
personal, academic and social support by specialists who provide assistance to
Arab students throughout their studying years, the project belongs to the
Department of Student Support in the Office of the Dean of Students.
Students who have been accepted to the university for the next academic year
were invited for a period of 4-5 weeks before the beginning of their first year,
During this period, basic educational courses are learned according to the
student's field of study, and courses about educational skills that they have
gain by specialists to prepare them academically and psychologically before
the beginning of the academic year, in additional to meetings with mentors
who are students from second or third years, who provide new students with
appropriate information and mechanisms to help them cope and integrate
quickly into the university.
The meeting was opened by Ms. Aris Bishara, who presented Professor Tova
Most, Director of the Dean's Office, this was followed by Dr. Yousef
Mashharawi, Director of the Arab Students Integration Committee, who also
welcomed the students and expressed his happiness and pleasure to see the
quantity and the large number of Arab students in the university, and because
of his long experience in the academic career, he has provided students with a
range of important tips for their university career, Then, the lawyer of the
university students "Noam Livnun" gave his legal advice regarding the
obedience committee at the university and the importance of acting according
to the laws and regulations of the university.
Then the Social Worker and the Centre for Arab Student Affairs, Rami Tibi,
explained in the first part of his lecture about the services provided by the
project to students, either during the preparatory program or during the
academic year, The second part of his lecture was devoted to providing advice
and guidance to students in order to achieve excellence in their educational
In the second part of the meeting, the Organiser for the Escort Project "Sawa
from the First Day" Christopher Karam, presented a detailed explanation about

the accompaniment that the new students will receive during the first
At the end, the students were divided according to their specializations and
fields of study to identify their companions, and in order to provide a detailed
explanation of the education in the university in general and in their
specializations in particular.It is noteworthy that all the services "Sawa"
provided by the Office of the Dean of Students at Tel Aviv University is free of
charge for Arab students.
In conclusion, we would like to thank all those who have a major or minor
share in the completion of this project, and from this platform we call for the
containment and support and assistance of our students to get enough
preparation. Finally, we wish all the new students continued progress and

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