Tel Aviv University and Tsofen organize the largest High-Tech gathering for high school students


Tel Aviv University received more than 450 students from many schools from
different places, in order to expose them to high-tech and engineering subjects
taught in the university, in cooperation with Tsofen Foundation, which
communicated with schools and coordinated with them all travel and
programs’ matters until the end of the day.

At the beginning of the day, which was managed by the organiser of the
meeting, Mr. Hans Shakur, then welcoming the by the director of the company
Tsufen, Mr. Sami Asaad, who welcomed the audience and showed them the
importance of linking higher education with the labour market in the country.
Hence, a welcoming speech given by Dr. Yousef Mashharawi, (Chairman of the
Steering Committee for Supporting Arabs at the University), who praised the
organizers of the Tsofen Foundation for this remarkable coordination and
talked about the importance of overcoming the obstacles to entering academic
education such as the Yael exam or the English exam.

After that, Professor Yossi Rosenox, (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering), gave
a brief speech and welcomed the students and told them about the
advantages and preferences of the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University
over many other educational institutions.
It was then a lecture by Prof. Ziad Hanna, Vice President of Cadence and a
former Tel Aviv University graduate who spoke at length about what High-Tech
is and how High-Tech fields and specializations are expanding that are not
limited to computer science and electrical engineering.
In the last paragraph, there was an open dialogue for students from the
University of Tel Aviv from many disciplines and fields of engineering and high-
tech who revealed to the public about their academic experience and

overcome many obstacles and their vision of future educational and
professional, among these students:
Dima Bishara (Biomedical Engineering) Yahya Masalha (Master degree in
Electrical Engineering) Yazan Badarneh (Computer Science) Elias Kanaani
(Mechanical Engineering).
After the meeting at the University of Tel Aviv, the students divided to groups
according to their schools to complete their exposure to the world of high-tech
in terms of professionalism, the students’ groups continued their journey to
visit High-tech companies in Tel Aviv such as Microsoft, Apple and many others
to get a closer look at the actual work in these companies.
In response to Mr. Shadi Athamna Marketing manager at Tel Aviv University to
the Arab community: "Our goal in this event is to deliver several important
messages regarding the world of high-tech, the most important is that the
high-tech topics are not limited to computer science or electrical engineering
only, but there are biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry
engineering, management and business engineering and others, we are also
interested in delivering awareness to students that the work in High-Tech
companies is not limited to the generation under 40 as is prevalent, and that
the Arab society is qualified and required in the labour market, especially by
these companies, and we at Tel Aviv University always work through many
events throughout the year to raise awareness about the high-tech world and
the integration of the Arab community.

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