Closing and summarizing meeting of the staff of high schools’ visits guides at Tel Aviv University.

The staff of the high schools’ visits guides at the Tel Aviv University campus
concluded a series of high school pupils this year, led by Mr. Walaa Ayoub, who
was supervision of the project and responsible for giving tasks at the project.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Yousef Mashharawi, "Chairman of the
Steering Committee for the Integration of Arabs in the University", who
welcomed the attendance and praised the importance and need to continue in
this project, in addition to his thanks and gratitude to all the staff who worked
hardly to make this program successful and benefitable to our Arab pupils.
Alon Winners, Director of Marketing at the University, also participated in the
meeting, and he briefly presented some recent statistics to increase the
registering rate of Arab students in Tel Aviv university, which has been felt
significantly in the recent period.
Mr. Shadi Athamneh, "Marketing manager for the Arab Society of the
Marketing Department at the University" also participated in the meeting, He
explained to the audience about the importance of this service to market the
university better, which in his opinion has been accomplished by the mentors
in the crew as best as possible.
It is worth mentioning, that the aim of this project is to break the border of
ambiguity among high school pupils and to get acquainted with the sections
and facilities of the university, in addition, to living its educational and social
atmosphere. The University of Tel Aviv devoted a special and enriching
program to the process of each visit, including listening and getting to know
Arab students in advanced years who in turn explain to pupils about all the
university stages in addition to their personal experience, and through
accompanying them in the departments and buildings of the university. As well
as the pupils live the feeling of attending a university lecture passed by a
lecturer at the university for one of the topics, finally, the students listen to a
full explanation of the services provided by the Dean's Office for Arab students
in particular.
Through the project, more than 5,100 Arab pupils from all over the country
have visited the university through more than 70 high schools, at the end of
the meeting, certificates of appreciation presented by Tel Aviv University were

distributed to all the counsellors as a gratitude and gratitude to them for their
service to Arab pupils.

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